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Steve rogers x reader he insults you

Originally posted by dicapriho. What could possibly go wrong? T raining begins the day the cast comes off your wrist. Coupled with your sleepiness and just how unfairly attractive he is, your brain short-circuits for a minute when you first open the door. You glance over your shoulder. Keep reading.

So here you go all you wonderful Steve breeders! Originally posted by oursisthefvry. The door to your room opened and you shot up in bed, putting the book down. There he was, looking like a god damned hero. But you knew the truth. He was a monster. Originally posted by robertdowneyjjr. The night started out fun, just hanging out in the common room with your fellow Avengers. Thor was in town.

Always a time for celebration.

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The guest of honor. Originally posted by e-ripley. Read part 2 HERE. Tag List: carolimedanvers moonstruckhargrove denimjacketkisses hotstuffhargrove thechickvic alex—awesome—22 hipsmcgee lilmissperfectlyimperfect so-not-hotmess balladblood ashescilev. The two had been arguing for days on the subject, without a clear answer in sight.

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Robin had promised, after weeks of watching Steve fail at getting girls, first at Scoops Ahoy and now at Family Video, to introduce him to a girl. Not just any girl, a girl like her. Steve had finally admitted that Dustin was right and he needed to go after girls who could make him genuinely happy, not just a girl who fit his popular mindset. He had tried his luck with Robin, and easily accepted the loss due to her own sexuality, and now he was set to try again.

And Robin had been hyping up this friend of hers for weeks. She was cool and funny and smart like her and she was straight.

That was all he was looking for.He knew something alright. Steve places his hand on her shoulder and then takes off running. Tony tries to move around her but she blocks his path. Barnes deserves to die. She sit down next to him, trying to comfort her former teammate. She furrows her brows in confusion. Tony then releases something from his suit which falls over her sitting body and then locks onto the metal ground below her.

steve rogers x reader he insults you

What the fuck! Steve was running for his life. Bucky had to get out of here or else Stark would kill him. He runs over to the quinjet where Bucky is currently waiting. He left her there. Is she okay? Bucky only nods in response and and the jets quickly takes off, headed towards Wakanda.

As they leave on the quinjet, a storm begins to rage. Steve obliges and Stark flies in. Bucky raises his gun as Stark raises his hand. Tony rolls his eyes and blasts his repulsors at Bucky who stops it with his metal hand. Steve puts the plane into autopilot and grabs his shield and throws it towards Tony. The hit takes Tony by surprise, which makes him stop the repulsor blast.

Tony drops his raised fists and slumps onto the floor. Steve sits next to him. She had been sitting in the metal cage for over an hour. Her lips are starting to turn blue and her whole body is shaking.

steve rogers x reader he insults you

The past attempts were unsuccessful, but she is starting to get desperate. The magnets that are holding down the cage must be interfering with the system. This cold could kill her at this point. Her body is trembling as she cries out for anyone to help her.Originally posted by nessa Your head looked around confused as the mechanic-like voice echoed through the lobby of the tower.

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You placed your bags on the ground and sat down on one of the couches near the large doors. You were only 6 years old when the accident happened.

The car crash.

steve x reader

The crash that killed your grandparents. The crash that gave you your abilities. The power of life and death, symbolising you and your grandparents. Since that day nothing had been the same. Your parents noticed your strange behaviour and contacted different kinds of doctors.

However, no one could explain your condition. Some called it a gift, some called you a miracle. Your parent, however, called you a freak and you saw the powers as a curse. You knew they loved you and that they were just scared, but it still hurt when they kicked you out when you got old enough to get by on your own.

You did fine though and only a few months later, mr. Stark heard of your abilities and personally contacted you. Today, you were moving into the tower. Yes, THE Avengers tower. You were nervous. Of course you were. You were about to meet Tony Stark, for the second time, and the rest of the avengers. You cleared your throat and ran your palms down the wrinkly shirt you were wearing. As you looked up, Tony was walking around the corner with a big smile.

Finally someone living up to my expectations! You smiled kindly as he approached you with a quick hug. Not as good as mine of course, but close enough! You walked into the small area and waited for Tony to continue guiding you throughout the tower. The doors closed shut and soon the elevator was on its way upwards. The entire ride you kept looking down at your hands that were secured inside the pockets of your jeans.

You met his eyes and then gazed at your hands.Words: Warnings: stubborn steve. Originally posted by james-nat. The Avengers were already at Sokovia being sent to take down Ultron. For example, Maria Hill had called you that Theta Protocol had been active and you moved right away.

You were on-board the Helicarrier, making you wonder where the hell had they been keeping this gigantic thing this whole damn time.

You were given a com to put in your ear, listening in on the Avengers fighting and calling all the shots. You heard Steve talking to Nat, their breathing heavy:. He could be so stubborn at times, and you knew damn near too well.

You guys were dating? It was very obvious that you two had something going on, pointed out by the Avengers many times. Being in the Avengers, it was hard to go out for a real date with Steve, so mostly hanging out with him consisted inside the tower.

There it was. The good you see in him, the good that America sees in him.

Steve x reader “Crush”

Where else am I gonna get a view like this? You furrowed your eyebrows. You respected their decision, but you looked back at Fury to see if you could say something. He gave you a simple nod. Agents began hopping out of it helping people inside, as you did. He waved at you with a goofy smile on his face. You shook your head and waved back. He turned around running to go help more people that goofy smile still on his face. You loved it. Once you had gotten the most people you could onto the Helicarrier, you were going to go out to find Steve but Nick stopped you.

Nick was right, because next thing you knew you were running up to hug him at the new Avengers facility. You knew he was on his way to find Romanoff so they could start training the new recruits.

What would you do without me? Words: Warnings: stubborn steve Originally posted by james-nat The Avengers were already at Sokovia being sent to take down Ultron.Summary : You visit Steve at his workplace. You enjoy your time together a bit too much. Pairing : CCO! Steve Rogers x Doctor!

steve rogers x reader he insults you

Reader Word counting : words Warnings : Smut. Mentions of fisting. Dirty talking. Alternative Universe. Posted on Monday, 21 January Posted by welldonebeca. Steve helps you. Oral sex On female. Now, he is obviously curious about it. Neutral reader, if I continue this I will make both a Female and Male reader version. This was vaguely inspired by Despacito. Translation to the words is before the tags.

Pairing : Steve Roger x Male! Reader WC : 1. Summary : After seeing you with Thor too many times, Steve is jealous. Pairing : Steve Rogers x Male! If you want to commission a story or series, contact me with your idea so we can talk. Pairing : Steve x Female! Smut Oral sex on female, vaginal sex. First time. Medieval AU. Pairing : Steve Rogers x Female! Summary : When you reach the end of your pregnancy, Steve take a few days off to spend with you.

Word Count : 1.When Steve wakes up, she reveals that she woke up 2 or 3 years before him.

steve rogers x reader he insults you

Her code name is Star Commando, she is stronger and faster than Steve, and she is very perceptive, i. You were smiling, and your straight hair was up in a tight bun, and your uniform for the army fit you perfectly. He would always stare at this picture of you whenever he was unsure.

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After a couple of moments, a monitor exploded with beeping and alert noises. A shaky hand was placed on your shoulder, and you quickly got up and walked out of the room, and out of the compound. You, Steve, and Bucky were supposed to be together until the end of the line, but the war had not only succeeded in ripping you three apart, but it also separated you and your brother, and you and your true love.

The lights in the compound went out, and you froze in your tracks. All the sudden, it seemed like hundreds of men were running into the compound, and you were surrounded on all sides. You quickly pulled out your handgun and shot three men in the chest before you were shot in the shoulder of your right arm.

You fell against the wall. You could still hear the raging battle behind the walls, and you were desperate to escape. Oh no, we have some special work planned for the two of you. He grabbed one of his soldiers rifles and examined it, before looking you in the eye and knocking you out in the head.

You could feel yourself losing control as the men read out the words to you, and your body shook and screams overpowered your body as you tried to make noise louder than those 9, godforsaken words. You felt your body loosening, and your brain relaxing, just as it did the thousands of times before. They had read these words into you, using torture and brain games.

They had probably almost killed you a thousand times, and you felt like nothing more than a tool used for their pleasure. You had entered the Stark tower, and after easily hacking the towers computers, you had figured out which room belonged to Steve Rogers, or the so-called Captain America. It was your job to make sure he was dead, like he was supposed to be. You were wearing a pair of tight fitting leggings, and a dark long sleeve shirt, with seemed to hide all the weapons that you held in the pack around your waist pretty well.

Your messy hair was hidden in a dark ponytail and your eyes were hidden by a dark mask. You crept through the dark hallways of the tower, avoiding any security cameras you would find. You thought you had made it when you had finally opened the soldiers room, but instead you found bright white lights pointing at you from all directions.

You quickly ran out of the room and down the hallway, where the man himself was waiting. The hallway was bright now, and you were surrounded on all sides. Instead of answering, you ran towards the man and kicked his shield with all your muscle, causing him to fly back at the girl with the gun. You landed back on your hands, and after another flip, you landed back on your feet. A gun shot rang through the building, and you could feel yourself tumbling into the wall, right next to the window you were going to jump out of.

You laid on your back, and you could feel the blood slowly exiting your body and out onto the floor. This was the end. You opened your eyes and sat up, looking around the room for any explanation. All you saw was Steve Rogers in the corner of the room, looking at you while crossing his arms. Where are my weapons?Originally posted by queen-of-assgards-deactivated No one would treat you as good as I do.

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No one else deserves you. But you should be able to handle me. Of course, it is your first time, right? Did it hurt that bad? Or is it just…Well come on.

Originally posted by vanmyman. Originally posted by xesoteric-extraterrestrialx. Other blogs: My main blog is some-geek-author.

I also have leggings on. Probably a dramatically lit theatre and lots of energy going on. Languages you speak: English. I also took a year of Chinese. Random fact: Performing is my life. Originally posted by marvelheroes. I tend to lack motivation even though I have passion in my head.

steve rogers x reader endgame

I just want someone I can act like myself around! I enjoy music, art, videogames, writing, and movies. I like being in the company of myself but I hate immense loneliness and usually need human interaction. What you think you lack, he can definitely make up for it for you.

He can be your confidence when you lack it. Actually, he sees it as a challenge of sorts, in a playful way. It just makes him love you more.

So sorry for the inactivity!!

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